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The Salzburg Paracelsus School

With the sale of these CDs, the Salzburg Mozart Quartet sponsor the SALZBURG PARACELSUS SCHOOL
 Educational institute for emotionally needy children and young people


A model project for children exhibiting behavioural 
problems and learning difficulties.

The Paracelsus School in St. Jakob am Thurn, near Salzburg, cares for children with developmental disorders, learning difficulties and a variety of socialisation problems. On account of their  individual problems, it is often no longer possible for them to be taught in state schools. All the children are officially recognised, in accordance with the Disability Law of the Province of Salzburg, as suffering from some form of impairment.

The Paracelsus School endeavours to offer these children the opportunity of an adequate education. They, too, should have the chance of one day having the ability and the self-confidence to determine their own lives in society. Here they are given the requisite support in education, discipline and therapy. Teaching is in small groups of between 2 and 6 children; thus it is possible to foster each child's particular qualities, to develop his/her interest in learning and in the surrounding world. These groups also help the children to develop social skills.

The teaching method is in accordance with the principles of Waldorf education – "educating the whole child – head, heart and hands". The pupils are taught German, reading, mathematics, geography, biology, astronomy, physics and chemistry, by their class teacher in lesson blocks of two to three hours per day, each block lasting between three and four weeks. This gives the children the opportunity of concentrating on a specific subject for longer periods. Instruction in other subjects such as handwork, English sports, eurhythmics, music and religious instruction is given by specialist teachers.

For children who have completed compulsory education, but who need to remain in a close, supervised group with familiar carers to enable their personal development, there is a senior programme for 15-18-year-olds with specialist instruction and practical work in gardening, agriculture, crafts, trades and home economics. Help is also offered in practical skills for everyday life, visits to workplaces, short work placements and much more.

The children are provided with medical care and individual therapy. Painting and music therapy and rhythmic massage are part of the programme, as well as animal-supported pedagogy, speech therapy and eurhythmy therapy.
A special-needs after-school care club is attached to the school. There is also a small residential unit, where children may stay under supervision during the week. These, as well as the senior programme premises, are all in the "Paracelsus Hof", a converted and extended farm near the school. Here the children have plenty of opportunity to discover and develop their practical talents in the course of play.

The Paracelsus School is recognised by the state as a school with public status, for children with special needs. Since the Town and the Province of Salzburg are unable to supply the necessary funding for the teaching and individual care of the children, this is provided largely by private patrons and friends of the Paracelsus School.



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